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Other consultancies are primarily focused on energy only whereas we're bringing skills and leading practices from the broader global commodities markets.  We’ve also been rethinking the kinds of services clients need and we have a few game changing services to reduce risks, lower costs, improve adoption and shorten delivery of CTRM/ETRM soutions. Here are a few more reasons – we are/have:


  1. Axcelerators (TM) and Tools for tight and cost effective solutions

  2. Xperienced global energy & commodities risk management professionals

  3. Client oriented with a focus on client value creation

  4. Entrepreneurial, nimble, flexible on delivering client solutions
  5. Leading edge business and technical subject matter expertise in risk management, operations, business process and CTRM/ETRM solutions
  6. Eminence and Thought Leadership with a unique set of specialized core competencies
  7. Results oriented approach to complex issues in energy, agribusiness, consumer brands, process & industrial, and financial services
  8. Unique, innovative products and services to lower cost and increase value to clients
  9. Solid understanding of global energy & commodity markets & issues

Operational Resilience – Emerging Insights from 100 days of COVID-19 lockdown

Operational Resilience – Emerging Insights from 100 days of COVID-19 lockdown

Five Operational Risk Areas: Multiple Responses!

COVID-19 for most businesses felt like a Black Swan event. Even their Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) were impacted as practically most did not address the nature of lockdown or stay-at-home policies that were enforced globally. Whether business scrambled or had a relatively smooth sailing, we were keen to see if the 100+ days of lockdown due to COVID-19 highlighted an area of operational risk that were either new or an existing risk area that took on a significant proportion.

So, we asked our clients, vendor partners, and consulting partners one question:


“In the past 3 months, as you transitioned to work from home, what was one key operational risk that was amplified or newly discovered?”


And what we found was a story of Operational Resilience. Collectively a number of operational risks came up as areas where they struggled, but most were able to manage the transition. 



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