Managing Base Metals risks involves looking at the integrated supply & trading chain - ensuring both the financial and physical risks are managed in an appropriate manner.


Why? – In short, it’s a Global Market:

  • Global Economic Supply/Demand Fundamentals impact all players regardless of location
  • Global Derivatives Trading on LME
  • Warehousing capability
  • Logistics cost management
  • Mature market dynamics

Whether you are an originator, manufacturer, trader or distributor of metals based products, your value chain is impacted by the interplay of the price and volume variability inherent in global markets. Fundamental factors are important, but market participants can’t ignore the technical analysis required to monitor the 24/7 world of derivatives trading. Managing earnings volatility requires a more comprehensive approach to the complexity inherent in commodity trading and risk management that goes beyond traditional price risk management alone.


Our Services:

AXCELERUS can help you. We have 60 + years of combined experience in transacting risk management, business process improvements, and technical services. We offer our clients customized solutions through the following key services:


  • Advisory Services:
    • Commodity Risk Management Foundational Elements: Policies & Procedures, Limits, and Reporting ; Risk Measures and Analysis (including VaR, Scenario and Stress Analysis)
    • Transacting/Hedging Strategy & Business Objectives Assessment & Alignment
    • Business process design/re-design and controls
    • Operational process value optimization
    • Business requirements analysis
    • New Commodity Trading Entrant Services
    • Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) - due-diligence on CTRM systems


  • Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) Systems:
    • CTRM systems requirements evaluation, selection, implementation, upgrade and enhancements
    • CTRM EcoSystem TM analysis, CTRM-ERP functionality review, and CTRM AppRat TM analysis
    • Trade Surveillance and Monitoring & Regulatory Compliance (e.g., Dodd-Frank, EMIR)
    • Custom System development
    • Project Management Services

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