E/CTRM EcoSystem (TM) Services

E/CTRM EcoSystem TM is an interplay of all systems, business processes and people that are important for the successful functioning of an E/CTRM system through its transacting value-chain.

We offer services to enhance and incorporate the systems and processes surrounding your E/CTRM suite.  

Our proprietary CTRM-IQTM and AppRat TM solutions are focused on optimizing and streamlining your business & technology investments.

We also bring a unique viewpoint on E/CTRM – ERP integration and addressing key management reporting challenges.


Is your E/CTRM EcoSystem TM under stress?


Does this sound familiar?

  • Are there concerns from the Board, shareholders, or analysts about earnings volatility and management’s commodity risk management capabilities?
  • Do you have difficulty in getting the “numbers to match” between your ETRM/CTRM and ERP systems?
  • Do your risk and accounting personnel spend "late nights" at month-end close?
  • Do confirmations of your transactions take more than T+1 time period?
  • Do you have difficulty in meeting or developing accurate business plans due to forecasting challenges?
  • Is there significant manual intervention to develop accurate management reports?
  • Are your "high" caliber resources engaged in obtaining "right" data as against spending time on analysis and action?


If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, your ETRM/ CTRM EcoSystem TM may be in stress.


Want to fix it? Call us.


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Wouldn’t it be great if you could tie your requirements to available modules in vendor application suites so you could see what you needed to buy?

Or even better, to know what your peers are experiencing with vendors you are looking at BEFORE YOU BUY.

We have developed a better way to do this, help us to help you.

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